South Park Online Slot

NetEnt, together with Comedy Central has produced a video slot machine themed after the popular adult cartoon TV show South Park. Introduced in 2013, South Park slot is a 5-reel, 25-payline game featuring the same satire, oftentimes perceptive humor of the TV series everyone got hooked on.

It features all of your favorite South Park characters, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Stan and the usual A, J, Q and K. The vibrant and cutting-edge graphics and animation completed by a quirky soundtrack makes for an entertaining gameplay. In addition, this slot is packed with tons of special features which will definitely capture the attention of all forms of gamblers.

Now let’s talk about the main highlight of this video slot, which is its 4 unique bonus rounds.

  • Kenny – Kenny will be given 3 extra lives. You have to choose which path Kenny will take. There are 3 options to select from, all of which have corresponding values (win zones, multipliers and danger). Keep him alive and he’ll reward you, but if you let him walk in the danger path, Kenny will lose a life.
  • Kyle – This is the only round where you’ll get 10 free spins, multipliers (2x or 10x) and additional re-spins.
  • Cartman – Probably one of the rounds out of this slot, he’ll cover reels 2-4 and reward you with cash once you get 2 or 3 reels covered.
  • Stan – You’ll get 10 re-spins and will reward you with Sticky Wilds giving you extra 2 free spins.

In addition, there’s a Cartman and Terrence and Philip Wild mini-game feature. They’ll casually place Wilds on the reels, boosting your initial payouts.

South Park slot is obviously feature-heavy. However, hitting them will be tricky. Still, it’s one video slot that’s different and will keep you on your toes trying to score big!

South Park


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