Jumpin' Rabbit Online Slot

The symbol of the rabbit in Microgaming’s Jumpin’ Rabbit reminds you of the Crazy Frog, an animated character. This is another one of Microgaming’s video slot meant to be played casually. Whether you’re a serious or casual video slot player, you’re going to enjoy here.

Jumpin’ Rabbit features reel-life bunnies jumping out of planes. The animation is cartoonish and fun and the rabbits keep you at your toes. The symbols also come at you fast as if rabbits running and competing to get to the carrots first.

Speaking of carrots, that is only one of the symbols in this game. Other symbols won’t look out of place in the air: airplanes, helmets with goggles on them, and wind gauges appear on the slots. Of course, the token card suits are also present here, and they are in here to fill in for low-paying symbols.

There are no other bonus features here aside from the Free Spins bonus round. It’s enough to make up for the loss of the other features, however; the Free Spins are activated at random, and even at the beginning of your game, you can expect for it to somehow turn up randomly.

Look out for the Wild card, which is the rabbit with the yellow hat. You can make him out from the other rabbits on the reel, as everyone else is wearing orange hats.

Casual or not, you’re going to like Jumpin’ Rabbit’s random Free Spins, which can be your ticket to hopping away with a big win.

Jumpin' Rabbit


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