Genie Wild Online Slot

Isn’t it fascinating to find a genie in a bottle, willing to grant your three wishes? Well, at least your wish for a jackpot comes true in Genie Wild, a Microgaming software-developed five reel slot. Enjoy a trip to the Far East in this online video slot.

There is a bit of a roleplaying element in this game. As you free the genie from her bottle, she has some things she needs to settle first—such as tracking down her favorite things. There are quite a number of symbols that you’re going to have to spin, all of which belonged to her at some point in time. You’re going to need to spin these to catch her fancy.

The game itself follows the setting of a Middle-Eastern bazaar as the genie tries to survive in her lamp prison. The music is a mesh of Middle-Eastern culture, as well.

The symbols you’re going to want to spin are as follows:

  • Tracking down fruits for the genie will grant you 500 times your initial stake.
  • Find her treasure chests, and she’ll reward you with 750 times your stake.
  • Her monkeys pay out 1,500, so go and search for them!

Genie Wild happens when the genie acts as a Wild, granting your wish for more winning combinations on the reels. The Scattered bottles, meanwhile, grant between two and 100 times your initial stakes at random.

If you can’t get enough of the Genie, do remember that this slot is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. There is no end to what wishes the Genie’s Wild mind can grant!

Genie Wild


Play free Genie Wild slot by Microgaming