Cash Clams Online Slot

Craving for something simple, straightforward, and classic? Cash Clams, a single pay line, three reel slot from Microgaming, is your go-to game. With a return-to-player (RTP) percentage of 94.99, you should definitely try this video slot out.

There are no stories or outlandish themes to follow for this video slot. If there is a theme, at the most, it’s a sea-food themed slot based on the title and if you’re going to consider that the clam is accompanied with a crab.

Here are the prizes for each symbol:

  • The Cash Clam is worth 2000 times your bet if you’re wagering a coin; it’s worth 5000 times your bet if you go double.
  • Triple 7s can fetch you 100 times or 200 times your bet.
  • Triple BARs are worth 50-100 times.
  • Double BARs net 30-60 times.
  • Single BARs are worth 15-30 times.
  • Three Crabs are good for 10-20 times your bet.
  • Any BAR symbol is 5-10 times.
  • Any two Crab symbols nets three to six times your bet—a single Crab gets you two to four times.

The Cash Clam symbol is your Wild Card. If you manage to complete a line with one Cash Clam symbol, you’re going to get two times the amount of the winning combination. Finishing it with two Cash Clams gives you four times the amount of the winning combination.

Simple, straightforward, and no excuses about winning—that’s how you should roll if you’re playing Cash Clams!

Cash Clams


Play free Cash Clams slot by Microgaming