Wheel of Wealth 3 Reel Online Slot

If classic means you’re going to deal with three reels and a single pay line, then you’re right at home with Microgaming’s Wheel of Wealth 3 Reel. While it is a classic online slot in terms of the design, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the features you’re going to come across.

It’s similar to the other Wheel of Wealth slots with the wheel dispensing the random bonuses you’ll be expecting. From the Cherry, three of which nets you 12c, to the Wheel of Wealth icon—the highest paying icon at 5,000c—you’re going to feel like you’re in a Vegas casino with the design and track music of the video slot. The golden frame and the colorful symbols will certainly make you feel that.

Being a classic doesn’t mean the usual bonuses are gone. After all, it is still an online video slot. Here they are:

  • The Wild card for the game is the Wheel of Wealth icon. This icon substitutes for all of the other symbols, meaning winning combinations are much simpler to come by. This also means that those combinations are multiplied by either times two or times four.
  • The Scatter symbol is the lone symbol unable to be replaced by the Wild card. It has Spin in bold letters on it, and that also means that it is the trigger for the bonus round.

The bonus symbol is, unsurprisingly, the Wheel of Wealth, where you have the chance to pick a random prize out of the many available on it.

If you think that Wheel of Wealth 3 Reel was just simple enough to play, then there’s the guarantee that the jackpot you earn through wins will not be simple enough—in terms of the amount.

Wheel of Wealth 3 Reel


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