Thousand Islands Online Slot

There is no shortage of maritime adventures as themes for slots, and Microgaming, one of the leaders in themed slots, takes you on another such adventure in Thousand Islands, a three-reel, single-pay line online video slot.

This is another one of Microgaming’s classic single-pay line slots. Hardcore slot machine players will recognize the classic symbols such as 7s, BARs, and Cherries. It’s got a classier design than most of Microgaming’s simple slots yet it’s straightforward with the focus being the game and the value of most of the coins.

Here are the symbols and their value in coins:

  • The Wild card, a 1,000 symbol, pays out 800-1600c.
  • 7s lined up in an active payline gives you 100-200c.
  • Triple BARs are 50-100c.
  • Double BARs give 25-50c.
  • Cherries award 20-40c.
  • Single BARs are good for 10-20c.
  • Two or One Cherries give five-ten or two-four coins, respectively.
  • Any BAR symbols are worth three-six coins.

Aside from paying out 1,600 coins, the Wild card can create winning combinations by replacing other symbols. With a multiplier in place when combinations are completed, you can create winning strategies that put you in the best position to win big prizes and coin payouts.

With nothing else to focus on, Thousand Islands is great for people looking to get a start in spinning the reels as well as hardcore players who want to concentrate on winning big!

Thousand Islands


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