The Funky 70's Online Slot

It was the era of cassette mixtapes, muscle cars, and the first personal computer. NetEnt Software brings you back to that time with The Funky 70’s video slot. The online slot machine brings back a lot of what might’ve been a big part of the 7o’s kids through the symbols. There’s even a disco ball, perhaps bringing back memories of all the disco junkies of the era.

The symbols in the game are reminiscent of the 70’s as well. The Wild symbol is represented by the number 70 while the Scatter symbol, a very foxy lady with a flamboyant afro. As always, Bet level and Bet lines will adjust the betting and the number of playlines, respectively. If you want to alter the number of coins in your bet, you would want to check out Coin Value. The values can be adjusted from .01 to .5.

Players should note that getting Scatters on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 will net them a Free Spin. Each Free Spin will win double the jackpot, so gamble away to get a total of additional 5 Free Spins. They should also aim for the Scatter icons, which will net them 5 Free Spins each, and each bet gathered back will also win 2.

The Wild Symbols are special in this game too, as a jackpot of 1000 can be netted on a payline that’s enable with the symbols.

The Funky 70's


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