Sizzling Scorpions Online Slot

Scorpions are comparable to spiders in causing revulsion among people. However, Microgaming’s Sizzling Scorpions, a three reel, single pay-line video slot, teaches you to love these creatures as they are the key symbols in this classic video slot.

Like most of Microgaming’s old school slots, there are no themes or quests and adventures to focus on in this video slot. Instead, it offers a glimpse to a simpler time, back when Microgaming was just getting started in producing online slots.

The symbols in this video slot are the ones you should familiarize yourself with. The Scorpion is the highest paying symbol at 3,000 times your bet for the max bet of three coins. It is followed by triple 7s at 210 times; three Suns at 150 times your bet; triple BARs at 60 times; Double BARs and BARs give 30 and 15 times your bet, respectively; and the Any BAR, any two Suns and any one Sun make up the lower end of the paytable.

There is a bonus feature in the slots, activated only when you bet at the maximum and when the Buzzard symbol lands on an active pay line. This takes you to a separate screen where you must choose one of three scorpions for a race. The Sting, Striker, and Venom are your choices and if your choice finishes first, your bet is multiplied a hundred times. Second and third-placers get 50 and 30 times their bet.

Simple and straightforward, winning should be your focus when you play Sizzling Scorpions. Big wins are a sure thing with this slot.

Sizzling Scorpions


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