Roman Riches Online Slot

History books are full of praise and admiration for the glory, wealth and sophistication of Rome. Microgaming tries to bring back glimpses of the past in Roman Riches, a classic five pay line, three-reel slot.

The Empire of Rome was truly at the forefront of ancient society. They were the first to have paved roads and one of the first to pay attention to the arts. This is reflected in Roman Riches’ Wild card, a bust of what appears to be Augustus Caesar.

Each type of symbol pays out a different amount. Here are some examples:

  • Triple 7s are worth a moderate 80c.
  • Triple BARs give out 60c.
  • Double and single BARs are worth 40 and 10c.
  • Any BAR will give out at least 4c.

The Wild Imperial bust is the highest paying symbol in the game. To earn big pay outs, you must land a set of three at either the first, second, third, or fourth pay line for 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, or 2,500c. The highest paying set should be landed at the fifth spot—landing a set on that pay line will give you 5,000c.

The bust of Augustus can also replace other symbols, giving you an easier time to land winning combinations and multiply those wins. Roman Riches is a classic slot with a classic theme—that also means your jackpot will be a classical big amount as well!

Roman Riches


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