Rings and Roses Online Slot

When you mix simplicity with love and devotion, you get Rings and Roses, another classic video slot from Microgaming. This is a five-pay line, three reel slot that is perfect for people who want to play with simple, no-nonsense reels.

If there is something that this video slot is patterned from, it’s love—the title is a dead giveaway, and so are the symbols. Aside from the basic BARs of various numbers, this video slot presents 7s with a ring around it and decked in a golden color. There are also wedding bells—signifying that it’s a marriage-themed video slot.

The denomination of symbols is as follows:

  • Three 7s equates to 300 times your initial bet.
  • The golden bells are good for 200 times your bet.
  • Triple BARs nets you 100 times.
  • Double BARs are good for 40 times.
  • Single BARs are worth 10 times.
  • Any BAR symbols are the lowest paying at five times.

The Rings and Roses logo is the Wild card, but it’s also a complicated symbol. There are ways of winning with the logo on your pay line. Three of the Wild card on the first pay line nets 1,000c; on the second, 2,000c; the third pay line gives 3,000c; the fourth, 4,000c; and the fifth, 6,000c.

While Rings and Roses is a traditional video slot, the jackpot you may receive is anything but. At 30,000c, this jackpot could be the key to netting you a keeper for life!

Rings and Roses


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