Pirates Paradise Online Slot

Hoist the colors and prepare to board, mateys! Pirate’s Paradise, Microgaming’s three-reeled classic, is ready to sail the high seas. Are you prepared to risk it all to find the treasure beneath that X marked on the map?

Symbols are essential to a video slot’s identity, and if so, Pirate’s Paradise offers a lot of that. The symbols you’re going to come across in this video slot consist of treasure chests, skulls of marooned souls, the Jolly Roger, conch shells, and palm trees. Aside from that three pirate parrots are also on the reels, watching your journey as you sail across the Spanish Main.

Here is how each symbol pays:

  • Three shells are worth anywhere between two to 30 coins.
  • Palm icons award five to 90c.
  • Treasure chests and Pirate flags both award 40 to 2,500c.

If you’re looking for bonus features like Wilds or Scatters, this video slot doesn’t have any. However, you’re going to have to form strategies working with the icons in order to bring home the jackpot. As traditional as it is, Pirate Paradise is guaranteed to give you the big win you’re looking for as long as you know where to look, and when to dig—or, in this case, spin!

Pirates Paradise


Play free Pirates Paradise slot by Microgaming