Legacy Online Slot

Retro-inspired things have been taking most of the limelight these days. We’ve seen retro-gaming consoles. They say the 90s is making a comeback, so it’s not strange for Microgaming to resurrect or bring back most of their retro games, Legacy being one of them.

Legacy is a five payline, three-reel video slot that is perfect for people who want a trip down memory lane. Simplicity is key in this game and there are a lot of simple things in this slot—the symbols you have to remember are simple, and so are the jackpots they give out.

Here are some of those symbols:

  • Triple 7s will give you 160 times your bet.
  • BARs are present in this game. Triple BARs are 80c, double BARs are 40, and single BARs are 10. Any BAR symbols will run you five credits.

The Wild card is a stylized letter L from the Legacy symbol. It can replace other symbols and is worth double for one completing a combination, and worth four times for two replaced symbols. Aside from that, the L symbol will also give out real big jackpots.

Land three of it on the first active line for 1,000c. The second line gives 1,200c, the third a jackpot of 1,400, the fourth at 1,600, and the fifth as high as 2,400c.

If you want your wins to come as fast and as simple as this game, Legacy is the game for you!



Play free Legacy slot by Microgaming