Jesters Jackpot Online Slot

Jesters usually make a royal happy and provide entertainment. In Jester’s Jackpot, you’re going to take a crack at taking home a substantial jackpot—that is, if the reel’s theme is any indication, all the money the Jester made from cracking jokes.

From the looks of the design, this is another one of the classics from Microgaming. This single pay line, three reel online video slot consists of classic staples from real-time casinos in the form of BARs and Cherries, excluding the Jester’s Bar and the Jester’s hat.

As to how much each symbol weighs in video slot gold, here they are:

  • Three Jester hats are worth 2400 times your bet.
  • Three Jester’s BAR logos award 150x.
  • Three Cherries nets 60 times the bet.
  • Three BARs are 30 times your bet.
  • Any BAR is worth 15 times.
  • At the lower end of the spectrum, two Cherries and a single Cherry are worth 15 and 6 times your wager, respectively.

It’s another one of Microgaming’s simple, straightforward video reels. Make of the title what you will, but Jester’s Jackpot doesn’t make a joke of the chance to take home a staggering jackpot based on how much you will bet.

Hardcore players will want to try this simple reel out. Jester’s Jackpot appeals to the classic winners—the ones who forsake story or design for the chance at a large payout!

Jesters Jackpot


Play free Jesters Jackpot slot by Microgaming