Jackpot Express Online Slot

In the Wild West, the railway played a huge part in transporting wealth and produce across the land. Microgaming takes you back to those days in Jackpot Express, a classic three-reel, five payline slot that uses the visage of an old steam engine from those days.

This is another one of Microgaming’s simple, no-nonsense slots from back in the day. Your only focus should be to win. To make things easier, the reel design includes the symbol combinations and their respective values to the side of the reel.

The jackpot symbol is being pulled by the old-school steam engine. There are five pay lines that give you a chance to create big wins with the jackpot symbol—starting at the first pay line for 1,000. The second gives you 1,500, the third at 2,000 coins, the fourth at 2,500, and the fifth at 5,000.

The other symbols you’re going to pay attention to are the triple 7s, which gives a modest 80c and the token BAR. The triple, double, and single BARs pay 60, 40, and 10 respectively, while the Any BAR symbol is the lowest paying at just four coins for a set.

The Wild West was a land full of opportunity. Will you take the Jackpot Express to those riches? Any way you take the road, your wins are guaranteed!

Jackpot Express


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