Hexaline Online Slot

Hexaline is a unique slot that tries to define the new generation of video slots. This Microgaming-developed online slot offers an alternative form of game play, fresh enough to satisfy even veteran punters!

Hexaline features a virtual playground that has a peculiar-looking grid, with hexagram symbols of different colors being the dominant feature. It makes one feel that they’re not playing with a video reel and more playing something else—something that creates more intrigue and thoughts on how to win.

To win in Hexaline, you should remember that pay lines don’t matter here, as they are not around. The hexagrams will start falling as you begin the game. This feature actually makes it easier to create more winning combinations and it gives a higher chance to players to get more wins.

These symbols in Hexaline range from green, yellow, blue, red, and purple. The value of your win depends on your bet, so the bigger your bet, the larger your reward will be—and those rewards do have a chance to become real large as the combinations are dependent on how long you could keep your winning combinations going.

Even if it’s unique, that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t have a Wild card. The Wild Hexagram is the wild card and the scatters are in the form of three bonus hexagrams. These take you to the bonus round, where your task is to play a sort of memory game which awards you with prizes.

It’s simple, fun, and it’s a breath of fresh air. In Hexaline, winning is fun, fast, and prizes are guaranteed.



Play free Hexaline slot by Microgaming