Heavy Metal Online Slot

There are two things that come to mind when you see Heavy Metal, a Microgaming classic slot with three pay lines and the same number of reels. Either this is inspired by songs from Metallica, or it is inspired by Heavy Metal, that famous magazine of adult art.

Fans of the magazine will see the girl in the corner and the Heavy Metal title as a dead giveaway. This classic slot features elements from the magazine. It chooses a story featuring a femme fatale, just like the way the magazine featured random stories and features. However, this classic slot only features winning, and here are the symbols you need to do just that:

  • Pay special attention to the green-haired assassin. She is worth 1,000c on the first line, 2,000c on the second, and 4,000c on the third.
  • Triple 7s are good for 150c.
  • Any combination of the girl and the 7s yield 75c.
  • Triple BARs are worth 50c. Double BARs and single BARs, meanwhile, earn you 20 and 10c, respectively.
  • The lowest paying symbol is the Any BAR one for five coins.

While it doesn’t possess any Wild card or Scatter, your go-to symbol for this slot should be the female assassin. Land her in the previously mentioned lines and we’re talking big jackpots for you. At least try to get the triple 7s, and you’re settled to build on a good win.

Heavy Metal is a serious slot that is guaranteed great for both serious and beginning players alike.

Heavy Metal


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