Gladiators Gold Online Slot

Something about gladiators makes you feel that it’s a no-nonsense life. Every day you live with the risk of dying. Microgaming’s Gladiator’s Gold, a three payline, three-reel video slot, is pretty straightforward in that you either live or die in the slots.

Another classic video slot, Gladiator’s Gold has a pretty simple design. A grinning gladiator greets you before you begin spinning—perhaps to make you feel at ease—and on the reels, your targets are displayed in bold letters. The symbols you need to chase after are also seen as part of the design and you know which ones will pay the best.

Here are the symbols with their values in gold coins:

  • Triple 7s with the coins on it on the second pay line is worth 2,000c.
  • If it is on the first pay line, you get 1,000c.
  • Spin it on the third line and it is worth 4,000c.

Other symbols are the golden 7s at a rather put-down 150c, while Any 7 triples are good for 75c. Triple BARs, Double BARs, Single BARs, and Any BAR are worth 50, 20, 10, and five coins, respectively. These symbols with their values should help in you creating the best strategy to bring home a gladiator’s prize.

Being a classic video slot, you shouldn’t expect Wilds or Scatters here. Gladiator’s Gold is like a gladiator—there is only one thing you should be doing when playing with the reel and that is to win.

Gladiators Gold


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