Fruit Slots Online Slot

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-play slot machine, Fruit Slots is definitely worth a look. This classic, fruit-themed retro slot is one of Microgaming’s straightforward slots, and at three reels and a single payline, hardcore players can focus on what really matters - winning, and winning big.

This video slot is traditional all the way. If you’re looking for bonus features like the Wild card and Scatter, this reel doesn’t have that. Instead, the symbols are what you need to brush up on. In place of other symbols like 7s most of the icons on this reel are fruits.

The fruits and their corresponding values are as follows:

  • Three Fruit Slots logos are the highest paying icons at 250 for one coin, 500 for two coins, and 2500—the jackpot—for three coins.
  • Any one or two of the symbol is still good, from 25-27 for two and five to 15 for one.
  • Triple BARs yield 80-240.
  • Double BARs are worth 40-120.
  • Single BARs are 20-60.
  • Various fruits are worth 10-30.
  • The Cherries—three or any two of them—are good for five-15 and three-nine coins, respectively.

Cherries, watermelon, plums, lemons, and oranges are some of the most common symbols you’re going to get, so three coins are a pretty good wager. Betting on the highest amount will still net you a double-digit reward, even if you only manage to get Cherries along the way.

If you’re looking to focus only on getting the jackpot, Fruit Slots is your way to winning!

Fruit Slots


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