Froot Loot Online Slot

Fruit-themed video slots have always been a big draw. One such video slot from Microgaming is Froot Loot, a single-pay line, three reel video slot. No quests for the magical fruit or treasure chests filled with different such fruit here—just a pure, simple video slot to win.

Playing Froot Loot is like a look back in time. This video slot was created during the rush of fruit-themed video slots; think Fruit Ninja or even Plants vs. Zombies. That being said, this colourful video slot is pretty generous when it comes to the number of jackpots you can win.

You can bet anywhere from one to three coins in this slot, but here are what you can get if you bet at the maximum:

  • The Fruit Basket is the best paying symbol at 5,000c for three coins. Any two of these symbols appear on the reels, and you’re getting 150c.
  • Next is the Triple BAR at 450c. Double BARs pay 270, while single BARs pay 120.
  • Fruits like watermelons, grapes, and oranges pay 90, 60, and 45c, respectively.
  • Green mangoes pay 30, while a single Fruit Basket is worth 15c. The consolation symbols are Cherries at 12c and any two of them nets 9c.

It’s a simple slot for the very reason that there are no huge progressive jackpots here. There are no Scatters yielding Free Spins or Wild cards, either. You’re going to have to rely on the symbols—try as much as possible to spin the Fruit Basket or the BAR symbol if you want to amass a huge fortune.

Froot Loot is a good slot to play. Beginners are guaranteed to go home with a good win!

Froot Loot


Play free Froot Loot slot by Microgaming