Captain Cash Online Slot

Have no fear, Captain Cash is here! Captain Cash is a Microgaming-developed three-reel, five pay line video slot. It’s one of Microgaming’s themed slots, where you aid the fearless Captain Cash in his search for more booty and crew on the high seas.

While the multiple pay lines gives you more chances at winning, there’s also the design of the reel that hooks you in. The theme is deliciously pirate-filled—everything from chests, swords, ships, flags, and maps are available in this video slot. The reel itself is decked with the trapping of a pirate map, X marking the spot to the bonus.

The Wild card is the lone bonus symbol available in this game. While there is no bonus round or icon available, the reel makes it up for making the coin size per pay line small. At .25, you’re able to make 1.25 for five lines.

Your standard jackpot is set at 1,000c, though it can increase with the bet amount placed. There are a lot of other intangibles in this game—it is definitely for casual players or you if you’re looking to bet little and win big.

Captain Cash is certainly a simple slot, directing you toward the place you need to get to - that X on the map, the big bonus.

Captain Cash


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